The most comprehensive design with finest, cutting edge technology and the most impressive proposal cannot build your project. The physical installation, programming and commissioning comprise the point where the vision for your project becomes something you can see and touch.

At RPC Video, the installation begins even before the sale is made, as our Technical Services team becomes part of the project from the initial site visit. As soon as a project is identified by one of our account representatives, our Technical Services team members are engaged to address the design and construction issues relevant to proper installation and functional operation.

As the system design is developed, Technical Services team members responsible for the installation and startup of the project, contribute to the specification of equipment, the electrical and construction requirements, and take part in the project turnover meeting. During the project turnover meeting, the account representative, engineering staff and installation leaders review all aspects of the project to ensure that the products specified fulfill the requirements and goals of the project. Every piece of equipment, down to the last mounting bracket and power supply, is reviewed prior to being ordered.

While the project is waiting for equipment to arrive, our Technical Services team is on site pulling cable, installing structural support equipment, and coordinating necessary electrical and construction prerequisites, all in anticipation of system delivery.

When system hardware arrives in our integration facility, equipment racks are populated and internal wiring for the equipment racks commences. Our Technical Services team members pride themselves on neatness and an orderly appearance of equipment rack wiring and cable management.

All of our team members are trained in AutoCAD and are able to update and modify system drawings as systems are being built. Control systems are programmed with diagnostic software to test functionality of each piece of equipment prior to site delivery.

We recognize that equipment can be bought from any number of vendors, so we demonstrate how we value our customers by the craftsmanship we put into our installations.