Needs Analysis

The first objective we have is to listen. Technology is a means to an end. We need to listen to what our client’s mission is, in order to design systems that accomplish our client’s objectives. The purpose of a room, the number of participants, the types of media and the necessary human interface technologies to be employed, all interact to establish what needs to be included in the room design. User sophistication, staffing requirements and user support requirements all have to figure into the client’s overall plan.

RPC Video engineering services makes your system concept become a reality. Our mission is to have the new system fulfill your objective. Contrasted with simply fulfilling a bid requirement at the lowest possible cost, design and build with RPC Video ensures that the goal of your project lives up to or exceeds your requirements and expectations.

AV Electrical Impact

In order for the project to be successful, the technology has to be installed in such a way that the objectives mapped out in the original need analysis are met. Displays, screens, cameras, speakers, projectors, microphones all have to physically be installed in the locations they were intended for. Detailed drawings depicting conduit, wall box, floor box, speaker, display mounting details, sight lines and camera locations must be developed. This information must be conveyed to the other construction disciplines for the technology to be successfully deployed. RPC Video provides the electrical infrastructure information required to support the systems we design. We coordinate with architects, general contractors and electrical contractors to ensure that the power, data, conduit and structural prerequisites are carefully documented and included in the overall construction plans. RPC Video will make sure that all these prerequisites are dealt with before construction begins, thereby reducing or eliminating expensive change orders.

Construction Requirements

Detailed information is required to prepare walls and ceiling areas to be fitted with display technologies to support the weight of monitor and projector mounts as well as other technology appliances. RPC Video provides the necessary drawings and installation information to ensure the building construction includes the necessary physical support for the rooms to be built as designed.

Project Specification

RPC Video can develop a project specification that not only includes the client’s stated objectives for the technology initiative, but how that technology is to be applied to accomplish those goals. Equipment specifications detailing each piece of equipment and the associated accessories are developed, from which a budget can be drawn up for review by the client.

Budget Determination

The greatest plans can only go as far as the financial resources will allow. RPC Video can help you balance your mission objectives with the realities of a budget. We’ll help you assign priorities to the needs that must be met in the initial rollout of your project and help make sure that the future needs can still be considered in the planning and design done now. Equipment costs, installation costs, ongoing support and service costs all factor into a realistic budget. RPC Video can help you determine what the technology costs will be for your project.

HVAC Loads

RPC Video can provide electrical power consumption and heat load data in order for the HVAC designers to properly anticipate heating and cooling needs not only for the areas where end users are, but in remote equipment rack locations as well. Failing to plan for proper cooling of concentrations of electronic equipment leads to unreliable operation and premature failure of the equipment adding unnecessary costs to your project.

System Drawings

RPC Video develops complete system drawings as part of a comprehensive design package for video, audio, network and control systems as well as rack elevations sufficient to construct a complete functioning facility. Drawings are provided in paper and electronic form. Documentation for creation of access panels and other connection panels are provided and coordinated with our system drawings. Our final documentation package includes training materials, owner’s manuals and support documentation.

Installation Specifications

Years of installation experience provides the background RPC Video needs to detail exactly how technology should be installed. Our installation specifications detail the specific cable models and connectors for the various technologies included in a technology build out. Signal integrity and system reliability are achieved by insisting on the highest quality components being used in the installation process. Clear documentation on the drawings as well as on the actual cables is essential to service and continued support and future upgrades to technology systems.